AI Consulting

Deploying AI to improve productivity, facilitate unmanned inspections, and allow predictive maintenance, we solve manufacturing problems with cutting-edge technology.

AI Platform

‘M-IX’ is designed to allow non-experts in the manufacturing sector to integrate AI capabilities in to their workflow.

Research Institute

‘Cross Labs’ was established in the spring of 2019 to bridge the gap between research and industry.

Bringing Society Closer with AI

AI is more than just a technology. We believe it’s a tool to improve our everyday lives. From overcoming staffing shortages, to alleviating traffic congestion, to automating agricultural harvests, AI should be usable by anyone, anywhere, to make life better. Above all, we strive to make AI meaningful, useful, human, and closer to you.

What is Cross Compass?

We established Cross Compass in 2011, to design and build universal AI systems that provide usable solutions for our customers.

AI Platform 

We designed ‘M-IX’, an integrated development environment, to enable customers to create and train their own AI solutions. ‘M-IX’ significantly reduces development time and cost and is designed specifically for non AI-experts.

Experience In Manufacturing

Having developed over 200 custom AI solutions – over 80% on production sites – we understand the needs of our users and build every piece of technology with them in mind.

Our Ecosystem

We have partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers and systems vendors to create a world-class AI deployment ecosystem, allowing us to offer a one-stop AI shop.

Global AI Technology

Over half our engineering team is from abroad, bringing with them global solutions, perspectives and experience in designing and delivering global, cutting-edge AI technology.